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We service Richmond, Virginia as well as Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Ashland, Fairfax, Alexandria and Norfolk, please feel free to call.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing – it might be something you have never thought about before. In fact, a lot of our customers didn’t think about it until they spotted a problem either in their basement or crawlspace.

You may have recently walked down to your basement and noticed a little trickle of water that wasn’t there before, but is now a small stream coming out of the wall or causing a puddle on the floor.

Perhaps you have noticed a white powdery or crystal-like substance on your basement’s concrete walls. This is also evidence of a need for basement waterproofing. There are salt substances inside the concrete, and the water that is seeping through the wall dissolves those salts. The water evaporates on the surface after it comes all the way through, but the salt is still visible (this is called efflorescence).

Another clue is if you notice a dank, musty smell each time you visit the basement. This is just one more possible reason for basement waterproofing – that smell is mold. Mold can only grow in an environment that is dark and moist. Basements are dark most of the time anyway, and if water is getting in somewhere, the situation is perfect for mold growth.

As you probably know, none of these things just popped up overnight. You may just now be considering basement waterproofing because of the evidence you just discovered, but in reality this has probably been going on for quite a while. It’s just that the noticeable part (the visible leak or the musty smell) just became evident recently.

In many cases, people don’t call us until they have already tried to resolve the problem on their own. We can’t really blame homeowners for trying the cheapest fix first. After all, if you can fix it cheaply, then you are ahead. If what you try doesn’t work, then you haven’t really spent a lot of money trying it. The problem is, none of those things really work in the long term. You will see all kinds of products such as chemicals, sealants, and coatings that claim they will solve the problem. Some of them might even advertise using the term “basement waterproofing”. And they are cheap – you can coat your entire basement walls and floor for next to nothing.

These basement waterproofing products are temporary at best. It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. You might notice a temporary stop in the leaking, and it could appear that the problem is solved if there is no rain for a while. But whenever the next heavy rain happens, you will see that leak start to move soon afterward. When you consider the fact that the water on the outside of the walls and under the floor is exerting thousands of pounds of pressure against your basement, it’s really no wonder that the little coat of sealant can’t keep it at bay.

Genuine basement waterproofing means taking care of the problem at the source, not just treating the symptom. We have extensive experience in this area. We have worked in many hundreds of basements over the years, and we know not only what to look for, but exactly how to solve the problem. In order to take care of your situation, we would need to come out and take a look at it. For this type of work, you should never accept an estimate over the phone; a true professional needs to physically see what is going on. When we have analyzed your basement and what will be required, we will explain it clearly to you and also provide you with a free estimate.

We provide basement waterproofing in Richmond, Virginia as well as Midlothian, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Ashland, Fairfax, Alexandria and Norfolk.

An ingenious dual chamber drainage channel is the heart of our closed basement waterproofing system: GrateDrian. It is a unique design in the basement waterproofing industry and provides a way to draw water both from the outside walls as well as from the center of the basement.

Placed in a shallow trench, the GrateDrain work together with a specially designed Vapor Barrier, to direct all water into a drainage conduit. Strategically placed and designed Access Ports, located along the system, allow for easy inspection to make certain the system continues to work efficiently for years.

An airtight GrateSump liner encases a reliable
Pro-Series pump. Unlike other sump pumps in the industry, the Pro Series pump carries a three-year warranty.

Working together with the GrateSump liner, the Pro-Series Pump is installed in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double switch, controlling the pump, makes sure the sump pump turns on when it’s supposed to; assuring its dependability.

Finally, a strong, seamless drain makes certain that all the water that is collected is removed. Of course, there is more to why this system works as well as it does, however this provides a clear view of the basics of the system that will warranty a dry home basement.